This website, http://www.cretebooking.com, hereinafter the “Website”, has been created by and is the property of Alfa Plus SA, a company established and operating under Greek law, with its registered office in Street A of the Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete and holder of VAT Reg. No 0949259505 issued by the Tax Office of Heraklion.

CreteBooking is the sole owner and beneficiary of the content posted on the Website and has obtained permission to use the information posted on it from the respective licensor of that information.

The Website has been developed and is operated with a view to enabling users to: find information about entertainment goods, including but not limited to cultural performances (e.g. concerts, theater performances, movie shows, etc.), sports events, etc., check ticket availability and book and/or purchase tickets for such performances or events offered by third party providers.

The services available from www.cretebooking.com are provided and/or completed by way of the channels in CreteBooking’s network, namely either via the website or through other points of presence, physical or otherwise, owned by it or by its partners and agents, pursuant to such instructions, terms and conditions as are communicated to the user at the time of the purchase.

CreteBooking acts solely as an intermediary for the provision of the above services which are made available and offered through the Website and provided by each service provider, hereinafter the “Third Party Provider”, who is advertised and promoted over the Website.


•Before accessing and/or using the information available and the services provided by CreteBooking and Third Party Providers, as such services and goods are shown on the Website, regardless of the CreteBooking channel chosen to receive them, Users must acknowledge and unreservedly accept these Terms, the General and Specific Terms that apply to each type of service, as well as the terms of use established and disclosed by Third Party Providers to the public for the goods they provide.

•When accessing the Website and using the services provided, Users must carefully read, understand and unreservedly accept these Terms before further accessing and receiving the services provided.

•CreteBooking reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Terms without prior notice to Users. Such so modified Terms shall be posted on the Website and replace the previous Terms. Therefore, before receiving any service through the Website, Users should make sure they have read and, if necessary, accepted again the modified Terms.

•Users should read the terms and conditions that apply to purchasing Third Party Provider goods and/or services promoted and/or provided through the Website. It is the responsibility of Users to read and accept such terms and conditions. Users must read and accept them following such procedure and under such conditions as Third Party Providers establish, appoint and communicate from time to time. CreteBooking may not be held liable about nor is it required to ensure any procedure for the disclosure and acceptance of such terms and conditions through the Website, except when and to the extent that this is required under applicable legislation and regulations.

•If for any reason whatsoever a User does not accept one or more of these Terms of Use or the terms established and disclosed each time by Third Party Providers or CreteBooking, such User must refrain from using the Website and the services, otherwise the User will be considered to continue to unreservedly accept such terms. The Terms under this paragraph shall also apply mutatis mutandis to telephone orders made by Users of CreteBooking services, which shall be, in any case, disclosed to Users at the end of each transaction. In this event, should a User not raise any objections when receiving the services, such User will be considered to unreservedly accept such terms.

•To avoid any doubts, please note that should a User refuse to accept any of these Terms or any terms of purchase of the services provided by Third Party Providers, the User may not purchase the goods chosen and will probably not be able to access all or part of the services provided through the Website.


•The services provided by CreteBooking are available online through the Website.

•Users of the services provided through the Website should be at least 18 years of age, have the capacity to perform legal acts and, if acting on behalf of third parties, be duly authorized to that effect.

•The successful completion of the provision of services through the Website requires the User to provide and CreteBooking to collect and process User information which may be User personal data. Users of the Website and of the services provided through it shall unreservedly authorize CreteBooking to collect, use and transmit to Third Party Providers the information required to provide the services under the terms and conditions set out below under “PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION”. Where a User does not agree to the collection, use, processing and/or transmission of personal data under these Terms, then such User must stop and refrain from using the services, otherwise the User shall be considered to continue to unreservedly accepted the terms.


•The services available through the Website can for the most part be booked, that is a User can reserve an available service by giving an express order to that effect. A booking order is binding on the User, who must in any case pay the price of the service.

•Bookings are automatically made by following the booking procedure established and used on the Website, and Users are automatically informed about their booking by CreteBooking.


•All communication, including any exchange of information required under these Terms, between CreteBooking and Users of the Website shall be done via a valid email address provided by the User to CreteBooking for this purpose.

•Each User must provide to CreteBooking their true information, including a valid email address which the User uses legally.

•Users can communicate with CreteBooking by e-mail at support@cretebooking.gr or by calling Customer Service at 2810344344.

•Please note that providing wrong, inaccurate and/or false contact information could lead to inability and/or refusal to provide the selected services/goods and/or the User concerned could be blocked from using the Website and/or the services of CreteBooking and/or Third Party Providers.

•Users acknowledge and authorize CreteBooking to disclose and transmit their contact information to Third Party Providers and to any natural or legal person who must have knowledge of such information in order to complete the supply of the goods chosen, in accordance with section “PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION” below.

•CreteBooking reserves the right to reject a User booking and inform the User about it, in case of violation of these Terms.


•The price listed on the Website for each product or service offered is the total price for that service and includes all taxes and fees that apply at the time the booking is completed, or at the time of completion of the transaction, unless otherwise specified on the Website.

•The price of each good offered through the Website is set by the respective Third Party Provider and communicated to CreteBooking inclusive of all taxes and fees. CreteBooking may not be held liable for prices and/or price changes.

•CreteBooking may change a price listed on the Website even after a booking has been completed, if a Third Party Provider has changed the price and communicated it to CreteBooking. In any case, please note that price changes after a booking has been confirmed are possible only in exceptional circumstances and due to increases in the applicable taxes, fees and/or duties.

•Prices of all goods and services shall be paid in the way set out on the Website. Payments are made mainly by credit card of the type(s) indicated on the Website. Cash payments could be made always in accordance with such instructions and under such conditions as CreteBooking shall communicate to the User each time.

•Cardholder details are automatically transferred to the Payment Service Provider working with CreteBooking who will bill the credit card.

•Users may only use credit cards they lawfully own and are authorized to use. Should a third party credit card be used, authorization by or the consent of the lawful holder of the card must be produced.

•All credit card payments are processed through the Alpha e-Commerce electronic payment platform of Alpha Bank which uses TLS 1.1 encryption and 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of encoding information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.


•Our cancellation policy applies to all transactions and is formed as follows:

1) Cancellation 5 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date → You are automatically reimbursed for the full activity price
2) Cancellation between 48 and 96 hours prior to the agreed activity starting date → You are entitled to a 50% reimbursement
3) 48 hours or later are what we call last-minute cancellations → No reimbursements will be effected

•The Supplier may only cancel an activity if circumstances beyond his control make the activity performance impossible or dangerous, such as poor weather conditions and force majeure. In such cases, you will obviously be fully reimbursed. In case of bad weather conditions or other last-minutes factors, Suppliers can also propose to reschedule the activity. It’s up to you to accept or refuse such changes (for example, it may be difficult to postpone an activity in you are on a road trip). If you cannot attend the new proposed date, you will be entitled to full reimbursement.

•You may request a change in the scheduled dates for an activity if such modification is possible (this will be activity-dependent). This can be done through our service, by calling or emailing us at booking-support@cretebooking.com. We will contact your Supplier to negotiate such modification on your behalf. Should the modification request be accepted by the Supplier, a new reservation summary will be issued and sent out to you.

•It is however, important that Suppliers are not obliged to accept changes in dates or timing. Should the modification request be refused, your request will be treated as a cancellation as per the above policy. In practice? It’s all common sense. Try to contact us or the Supplier as soon as possible if you cannot attend the activity on the agreed date. The Supliers and CreteBooking will do their utmost to find the best solution to reschedule or postpone your activity!


•To access the Website and receive the services available from it, Users must communicate to CreteBooking such information as CreteBooking deems necessary for the successful and secure supply and receipt of the requested goods. Users must communicate to CreteBooking all such information as CreteBooking deems necessary to complete the supply, such as full name, email address, postal address, Greek cell phone number, credit card information. All such so provided information must be true. By entering the requested information, the User consents to the collection, use and processing of the personal data voluntarily entered for the purpose of receiving the requested goods.

•CreteBooking only collects and keeps personal data entered by Users in the appropriate fields and/or communicated in the answers given by Users as part of specific actions by CreteBooking where Users can voluntarily participate./p>

•Personal data entered by CreteBooking Users are collected, used and processed for the provision of the services requested through the Website, which requires that such data should be used and/or processed.

•By accepting these Terms, Users expressly and unreservedly consent to the use, keeping, processing and transmission by CreteBooking to Third Party Providers of the personal information and data that Users provide to CreteBooking so that they can receive the services they request through the Website. CreteBooking reserves the right to use the contact information provided by Users to send messages informing about products and services, as well as offers and/or other communication, provided User consent has been given to that end.

•Where a User no longer wishes that their personal data be used by CreteBooking to send such communications, the User can send an email to support@cretebooking.gr from the email address the User had entered at signup and indicate “I DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE INFORMATION MATERIAL”. Or, the User can click on “REMOVE ME FROM THE MAILING LIST” of the email received.

•If a User so wishes, they may at any time request to be informed about their personal data held by CreteBooking, the recipients of such data, the purposes for which they are kept and processed, as well as modify, correct or delete such data by sending an e-mail to support@cretebooking.gr from the email address the User had entered at signup, enclosing copy of their identification document.

•Personal data communicated by Users to CreteBooking through the Website shall be collected, kept, used, transmitted and processed in accordance with applicable legislation on personal data protection as well as pursuant to Law 2472/1997 and Law 3471/2006, as in force.

•CreteBooking shall only allow access to the personal data of Users to authorized persons who need to have access to them for the purpose of collecting, using and processing such data under these Terms. In this context, CreteBooking reserves the right to grant authorized access to and/or the right to use and process the personal data of Users, to third parties, who are legal or natural persons, commissioned with the processing of such data.

•The personal data of Users shall be protected by Third Party Providers under such terms as such Third Party Providers establish and communicate to CreteBooking, the latter having no responsibility in that matter.

•CreteBooking reserves the right to use the information communicated to it for statistical, promotional, research or advertising purposes and in such way as does not allow identifying or revealing the identity of the subject of such data. In that context, it may also disclose such data to third persons, such as research companies responsible for pursuing such purposes.


•CreteBooking does not warrant or assume any responsibility for the availability of the services provided. CreteBooking displays on the Website information about the services as such information is communicated to it by each Third Party Provider.

•CreteBooking does not warrant or assume any responsibility for the adequacy, suitability, availability of the services provided by Third Party Providers and for any action or inaction on their part during their collaboration with CreteBooking and/or the fulfillment of the supply to Users, which may give rise to claims for damages on any grounds. In any case, CreteBooking shall assume no liability towards users or any third party for direct or indirect damages, loss of profits, loss of revenue or profit, loss of opportunity, loss or destruction of data, and in general for any kind of damage or loss caused by or related to access to and/or use of the Website and the goods acquired through it.


•CreteBooking’s offices and customer service work Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

•Any customer requests made outside the above hours and in any way (e.g. by e-mail or voice mail, etc.) shall be considered to have been received on the next business day, depending on the type of the request and the opening hours of the respective department, as mentioned above.


At times CreteBooking shall carry out promotional activities in the form of offers to consumers (e.g. discount coupons, free access to certain services, etc.)

Gifts shall be given away according to the specific characteristics and/or with the restrictions set out each time at www.cretebooking.gr or in any other promotional material (e.g. brochures, etc.). In no case may gifts be redeemed against cash or in any other way.

CreteBooking reserves the right to change at its discretion the specific characteristics and the terms of giving away gifts without prior notice to Users.


•CreteBooking reserves the right to change these Terms unilaterally.

•Should a User fail to accept or violate all or part of these Terms, CreteBooking shall be entitled to reject such User’s booking/purchase and/or block the User from accessing the Website and the goods offered through it. The relationships between Users and CreteBooking shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. Any disputes shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Heraklion, Crete.